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Welcome to the website of The Opera, a cooperative apartment building on Manhattan's Upper West Side. Here is some information about our building. Below you will find resources for shareholders, prospective buyers, and real estate brokers.

Our building was the subject of a "Streetscapes" column in the Real Estate Section of the New York Times that ran on September 22, 2002.

We support the work of The Broadway Mall Association.

Our community board is Community Board 7.

Our managing agent is Halstead Property.

The Council of New York Cooperatives & Condominiums is a valuable source of news and information about legal and tax issues that affect New York City resident homeowners.

Forms and Documentation
(updated September 18, 2017)

General reference


Refinance Package



Sales Package

For the Seller

For the Purchaser

Sublease Package



Technical Notes

Documents available on this site appear here as Acrobat .pdf files. To open, read and save the documents on this site requires Adobe Acrobat.

Acrobat Reader is a free program that can be downloaded from Adobe's Acrobat Reader web site. With free Acrobat Reader you can read and save .pdf files.

The sales, refinance and sublease application .pdf forms can be filled out directly on your computer. While Acrobat Reader will allow you to make entries and print forms, it does NOT allow you to save a copy with your entries.

To fill in the requested information on the application forms you have three options: no-tech, low-tech or high-tech. The board has no preference which method you use; the following explanations are for information only.

No-tech: You can print out blank forms and fill in the information using a typewriter (if you can find one) or by hand (if your penmanship is unusually neat). Some fields are pre-formatted so that "$0" will print with no information entered. If you are using the no tech option, you may need to white-out those boxes.

Low-tech: Acrobat Reader will allow you to fill in the requested information, BUT YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE A COPY WITH YOUR ENTRIES. Free Acrobat Reader will only allow you to print a copy showing information entered into the fields.

High-Tech: To save a copy of the form with your completed entries requires a paid version of Acrobat, either Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Pro. These software programs are available for sale from retailers or from Adobe. The advantage of using a paid version of Acrobat is you can work on completing the form over multiple sessions. (Hint: Your broker may already have a copy of Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Pro and be willing to complete your package on his or her computer.)